School Policies

Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, and In-Line Skates

If your child wishes to ride a bicycle, scooter, skateboard or in-line skates to school, please ensure that they are wearing a helmet and have a lock to secure their wheels. Locks and helmets are mandatory requirements for any type of riding to school. Please be aware that we do not have room to store skateboards or scooters in classrooms.

Additionally, all riding/rolling must stop once students reach the school grounds. They must not ride any of these item on school walkways, for safety's sake.


Is Your Contact Information Up to Date?

Did you change phone numbers, get a new job, move or need to add or drop a contact - please inform the office. It's important we have your current information in case your child is sick, their teacher needs to contact you, they miss the bus, etc. If you move during the school year, please contact the front office immediately and let them know.



Ice Rink Expectations

Mt. Spurr Families:
The Mt. Spurr ice rink was mopped today and is in awesome condition. I put 2 new hockey nets on the rink. I have to get some zip ties for the bottom of the nets to attach to the metal, but you can still use them. We put the zip ties on instead of wrapping the material to keep the material from freezing to the ice. You may skate at night, however you will have to manually turn the dial timer on. The dial timer is located in a gray box about 5' high on the West side of the light pole behind the swing set. The timer can be set up to 4 hours at a time. Please contact Mr. James if you have any ice rink questions.


Informational Items

  • Always stop by the office when visiting the school.
  • A visitors pass is worn while inside the school as a visitor or volunteer.
  • Students go out to recess unless it is colder than negitive ten degrees.