Welcome To the MT. Spurr Library


Walk in the door of the MT. Spurr Library and get ready for learning and adventure.  There are so many great books just waiting to explore.  We are located in room 130 in the primary wing of MT. Spurr.


 Kindergarten & 1st Grade

One item at a time


2nd Grade

Two Items at a time


3rd Grade

Two items at a time


4th-6th Grade

Students can check out three items at a time 

with additional items checked out for class assignments.

What if I want to keep my book?

Renew books if you are still reading them. Return overdue books

before selecting new books.


Lost or Damaged Books


1st preference:  pay for the book                                                                        ‌

2nd preference:  replace with the exact book

3rd option:  replace with similar and appropriate title

4th option:  Work off your fine

Open Check Out


9:15-9:45 Monday through Friday

3:20-3:40 Monday through Friday


 All library Classes are 45 minutes


  Book Care

Every book damaged or lost is one less book for our students.  Please take care of you books.  Below is a link about taking care of your books.

 Book Care Video